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6 facts as to why your brand is valuable

Your brand has more value than you might think and holds the key to success in your business, yet it is often an overlooked element when developing a business. Whether this is because of limited budget, a lack of knowledge or a combination of both; it’s why many businesses fail to flourish and stand out against their competitors.

Here are six facts to help you reassess your brand and turn it into something truly memorable:

1. Your brand is unique

Your brand should speak to who you are and what your stand for. Competitors may have better products or be able to make them faster or sell them cheaper. It’s your brand that is the only differentiator. Be smart, look after it and let it be unique.

2. It’s not all about your logo

A logo is not a brand, it is merely just a badge on something. Your logo needs to evolve and work across many platforms at different scales, so your brand colours, styling or messaging has to do the heavy lifting most of the time. Build your brand assets so even if your logo isn’t present, everything else seen screams who you are.

3. Showcase your style

Changing your logo and nothing else will have little effect and won’t bring the envisioned fame you desire. If your messaging was unclear, you will still not be understood. If your website is generic, it still will be slow to grow sales. Think how you can encapsulate your brand at every touchpoint, sell your USP and become instantly recognised with a glance.

4. Give them something to connect with

Being authentic or showcasing your passion or mission will help sell your story to your customers and give them something higher to connect with. People align to brands, not because of their products and services, but because they believe and trust in them. Give them something to believe in and you’ll keep them forever.

5. Speak the truth

Brands can make us think and even change our opinions and behaviour. Express the ‘why’ about your business and let it come across in everything you do. People react emotionally, so tap into this reaction, demonstrate your passion and never pander to those who disagree – stay true, always.

6. It’s valuable

Aligning your products, actions and communications to your brand will become one of the best assets you have and hold real tangible value if done with authenticity. Having people not only remember your brand but passionately engage or follow it, will make you money.

If you would like help or more advice on how you can improve your brand story, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.