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Hound, the mortgage broker platform, were at a pivotal point of their business and seeking funding to enable the launch of their mortgage broker platform. intwo were engaged to undertake the task of building a flexible identity in which to engage their investors and their future customers with a modern and professional solution which would assist in selling their vision.

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Create a visual identity and on- and off-line presence that would speak to numerous audiences.

With a need to present itself to investors, brokers and customers, research was key. We started by taking a full brand audit, to fully understand where the brand sat within the market and how it could it define its point of difference and share its story with confidence. A full review of the visual identity and all the associated brand assets and digital deliverables were undertaken within this process.

There were obvious elements which needed to be addressed such as font, colour palette and imagery, along with a visual system which could house and enhance the brands presence both online and in within print.

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Digital first and be instantly recognisable.

Hound needed to be seen as a modern and stable digital brand with a product that enhanced its online presence and solutions. A digital first approach to building an identity was undertaken, one where a symbol or colour could portray the brand instantly. Bold yet sophisticated in its delivery our aim was to create a confident brand that could flex across of a number applications and platforms but be implemented with ease internally and without compromise.

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Adaptable, scalable and functional.

Our goal was to build a new visual identity that would enhance the core platform and elevate the business overall with its key audiences. We started with creating an icon that would fit and portray the brand without the need for words. Crafting a pixel perfect symbol which would become instantly recognizable with its audience and elevate any platform in which it was housed. Built from the letter ‘H’, we implemented a triangle to represent the iconic roof shape of a house whilst subtly hinting towards a graphic sillouette of a dog’s head with its ears alert to reference the core function of the product and the name itself. 

We chose a fresh and bold palette to extend the brand visual presence beyond the usual corporate palette associated within the industry. A modern but clean font was chosen to accommodate the ascetics overall and allow easy communication of narratives which was a must for the brand owners.

For the brand look and tone, we utilised the triangular shape from the brand symbol to help build a multi layering system that reflected the nature of the platform whilst offering flexibility to enhance layouts and visual outputs with ease.

The look not only had to work across marketing and general business applications but also adapt to the foundations of the core product and platform.

Hound’s initial website landing page can now be found at houndgroup.io

Thanks for all your great work for Hound in 2021. We're already getting some really nice feedback on the whole Hound look and feel - and now there's the new website that takes it to another level!!
Peter Smyth
Hound founder and Managing Director

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