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LeapFrog Investments


LeapFrog invests in extraordinary businesses in Asia and Africa, partnering with their leaders to achieve leaps of growth, profitability and impact.

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Where are LeapFrog heading?

Leapfrog Investments were at a pivotal point in their journey and engaged intwo to undertake the task of building a flexible yet dynamic visual solution in which to engage their audience consistently. 

We started by taking a full brand audit, including key competitors within the space to fully understand where the brand sat within the market and how it could it define its point of difference and share its story with confidence. A full review of the visual identity and all the associated brand assets and digital deliverables was undertaken within this process.

There were obvious inconsistencies and some missed opportunities in connecting the brand further with its audience, as is often the case with organisations growing at pace. A need for us to refine and develop assets and systems in which the organisation could easily use across their global footprint became quite apparent from the review.

LEA0002 Brand Identity Development P2D7
LEA0002 Brand Identity Development P2D8

A human-centric approach

Leapfrog is defined by interaction – working together with global emerging markets to create thriving businesses that grow communities. Leapfrog not only create change through investment, but create profit for the investor…with a human touch.

It is this crossing of people’s paths in life, the converging and connections made, that underpinned our approach. Lines meet to represent the opportunity created by collaboration; as well as the flow of Leapfrog’s knowledge, experience, people, products and services that make that opportunity a reality.

Through clearly expressed application of our look, as well an ability to bring literal interaction with the brand, we put the brand in human hands. We work together, for better.

LEA0002 Brand Identity Development P2D4
LEA0002 Brand Identity Development P2D6

Of the place, of the people.

Our goal was to build a new visual identity that is a strong reflection of Leapfrog’s pioneering ambitions, and their ability to balance a human-centred approach with data-driven results. Creating a visual identity that encourages brand interaction and the exuberance that can only come with a human touch.

We started with a simple evolution of the existing logo to maintain some of the brands’ equity but simplifying the mark to allow it to flex between different types of platforms with a digital first approach. This included Implementing a new brand font which better reflected the organisations attitude and refining the colour palette to work both in print and a digital space.

We then developed a look that defines the points of connection, where profit meets purpose. A system that reflects the very bespoke solutions to impact investment visually demonstrated through the Leapfrog ‘Arcs’. Born from the logo but adaptable to layouts and compositions as a means to support overall narrative.

To help the organisation bring this all together and maintain some consistency moving forward we developed an online brand guideline portal where everything related to the brand could be easily accessed with a simple click anywhere in the world.

As with many global organisations, the ongoing development of the brand will continue to evolve and adapt as required and something we are keen to continue supporting and solving the problems that arise.

Thanks to the crew at intwo who nailed the brief in Concept 1 & have continued to impress with deliverable after deliverable, patiently accepting my back-of-a-napkin sketches. I could not recommend this team more highly.

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