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Pro bono work covering everything from hosting to brand to social media advertising, for this fantastic initiative that serves the community in various ways but predominantly through the delivery of free groceries, as well as supply of materials to the homeless.

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Elevate a local not-for-profit

Reaching is a 100% not-for-profit volunteer-run benevolent charity that provides instant relief to struggling & vulnerable individuals and groups. They serve the community in various ways but predominantly through the delivery of free groceries, as well as supply of materials to the homeless.

With ambitions that quickly outgrew the initial conception of this not-for-profit, John (the driving force behind Reaching) needed to engage someone who could arrange everything from website hosting and email; to a distinct brand look and logo; art direction; Facebook advertising; print collateral; and any assistance whatsoever with design, web or marketing.

Being completely volunteer-run and with a promise of putting 100% of all donated funds to work, intwo were delighted to offer whatever services were required, free of charge.

Reaching brand logo colour variations
Reaching rough sleeper flyer by intwo

Think big

Plans for Reaching to grow from its focus on southern Sydney, to helping those all around the country (and beyond), required a brand that could go along for the journey. 

Providing Reaching with a number of versatile brand assets – icon, wordmark, other logo extensions, bold typography, and a subdued but versatile colour palette – was necessary for the long term vision which was to include sub-projects like Reaching Ethiopia

The primary online marketing was initially focused on a website; also used as a way of introducing Reaching when seeking support from businesses. Bold copy and a minimal design style helped get the message across in the most immediate way.

Subsequent design deliverables have included print flyers, video brochures, pull up banners, Facebook ad campaigns, and art & design direction – all with Reaching’s distinct look in place.


Firm foundations

Our working relationship has been a long and positive one with Reaching. During that time we have seen a great deal of positive change:

  • In 2019 6ooo families were provided with aid from Reaching, which equates to over 24,000 people assisted that year; an impressive number regardless of the size of the charity.
  • With a combination of arresting creative and smart use of campaign ad sets, we grew the Facebook likes on the Reaching page (essential these days to be taken seriously) from a handful of likes to over 2000.
  • Provided Reaching the tools and assets to confidently approach big companies like Woolworths for support with the aid provided
  • Expanded the brand to a new ‘Ethiopia‘ aid division

As an agency working with Reaching we have been reminded of two things especially: 1. setting up a brand for growth, beyond the obvious and immediate vision, pays great dividends; 2. the vision of just one person can make a huge difference to people’s lives.

If you’d like to find out more about Reaching’s cause, please visit their website and lend your support today.

You are a valued member of the Reaching team.

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