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Sydney, NSW, Australia

Plant and handcrafted goods retail startup, Sanso specialise in intricately woven kokedama plants, as well as macrame and curated crafts.

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Artisanal branding

Sanso, a retail startup specialising in intricately woven kokedama plants and handcrafted goods, needed a complete visual identity that described their core product but could also support additional handcrafted goods as the business grew. The solutions would have to adapt to packaging, social media channels and signage and always be considerate of the environmental impact in developing such items.

intwo needed to develop a bespoke identity which spoke to their kokedama products with a premium organic look and feel.

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Breathing life into the home

For once, finding a brand name was relatively easy. Plants bring oxygen and life to the home. Kokedama is a Japanese plant wrapping technique and the Japanese word for oxygen is, you guessed it, sanso.

For the look and style, we decided to play on the contrast between handcraft and the geometric ‘neat’ wrap of the kokedama. The contrast of materials, from organic to premium and man-made allow us to demonstrate these combinations with simple beauty – from kraft papers to contrasting colours. All these enhance the brand, without overpowering it – much like the kokedama wrap holding the plant itself.

Flying Leaflet Mockup 1
Wooden Stamp Mockup

Contrast of organic and premium

We started with the logo by creating a symbol which described the core product with a single glance, with a subtle ‘S’ in place. The simple lines formed from a kokedama wrap encased in a circular form allowed for a strong graphic element to be born from an organic object.

The angled, encased lines and matching rounded sans serif font, set in black, allowed for a modern and clean brand mark which could contrast against a considered yet bold colour palette. A modern take on creating an organic ‘green’ brand.

The use of environmentally sourced craft papers for labels and packaging mixed with the use of cost effective and re-useable signage and collateral methods, have allowed this start-up brand to flourish with a professional outlook beyond a local market stall.

We are currently developing the website and helping to assist with how the products can be ethically shipped and marketed across Australia and beyond.

intwo's attention to detail is second to none. From the name to the final look, intwo gave my home-based business an identity and presence that felt so much bigger than I could ever dream up myself.

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