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Ex-NRL athlete turned holistic life and business coach determined to give people a better life, not just a bigger wallet.

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True work-life balance

Tony Caine, a former professional (NRL) athlete, is now a successful financial adviser come life coach, with aspirations of combining these two distinct aspects to help individuals and families meet their life goals. Although he has created other successful businesses, these where never from a personal brand exposure. Elevating his status to those who didn’t know him was always going to be the challenge in building trust within such a personal space for his potential customers.

Tony Caine engaged intwo to find a simple, no nonsense approach to building an identity which could help him grow his profile but speak to his values, character and solutions in helping change peoples’ lives for the better.

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Another level

With his passion, knowledge and sheer determination for helping others in all parts of their life, a simple yet unique brand was required that could span all the way from finance to health and yet still be relatable to each customer.

In addition, the identity needed be flexible for various extensions and opportunities within this speciality. The solution had to easily adapt to various online channels whilst being mindful of usual start-up budget restraints as well as environmental impacts within application use.

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As Tony mentioned to us, ‘it’s all about bringing some balance to peoples’ lives’. Our solution was to build on this simple notion and apply it to the core of the identity. The use of a single block line with his name split on either side, to represent the balance aspect, helped to bring a strong, confident and adaptable system to the brand identity that spoke to who Tony is and his aspirations for bringing change to peoples’ lives.

The system has the ability to shrink and expand to suit the environment in which it needs to communicate. From just using the initials ‘TC’ to the full name version with adaptable service area taglines, the simple system allowed for brand consistency however it was used.

The use of black and white, allowed to keep a clean, crisp and confident approach to the visual communications whilst minimizing digital loading times as well as print costs when required.

To further enhance the brand and reflect Tony’s personality and energy, we instilled some fun and cheekiness to the tone of copywriting. The idea was to bring a human touch to a subject that is often delivered with a serious tone and allow the audience to feel more comfortable which taking on such guidance.

The final piece of the puzzle was to build an initial website through the Kajabi platform, before later producing a Wordpress website. This was to aid Tony’s approach to spreading his brand into various areas of life coaching and other initiatives he wanted to achieve whilst providing him with the best tools to connect and engage with in a digital environment.

Whatever idea I throw at the intwo team, they always listen and work with me to make it the best it possibly can be – whether that's my brand look, the various websites we've built together or just a simple Powerpoint. Highly recommended.

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