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Sydney, NSW, Australia

Rebuild a unified visual system for this Kangaroo Valley institution, to modernise and expand its reach.

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    Valley Fudge


Modernise a local institution while remaining true to its product and location.

Valley Fudge, a local confectionery shop based in the Kangaroo Valley, NSW, needed an identity which could enhance the shop’s visual presence and allow them to take their locally made products across Australia, and further. With a limited budget but with big aspirations on developing a responsible brand intwo saw the opportunity to give something back to a local community who had done it tough from the 2019-20 bushfires.

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Stylish visual support for any requirement.

To meet the brief, a mixture of paid and pro-bono work was undertaken as we saw how this project could help the local community and artists alike. That is, a centre point to help a locally driven businesses grow and enhance their policy for responsible products.

The need for a flexible identity and visual system was evident from the start; one which could adapt to various communications, signage and products. Keeping it simple and cost effective was a requirement to meet the demands of individual products and larger format outputs, such as an eCommerce website and shop decoration.

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Of the place, of the people.

We started with the logo, creating a contained logo which evidently spoke to the location. This circular encased brand mark was developed to allow for easy labelling solutions and signage creation which could keep costs down whilst maintaining a minimal and responsible approach to printing. Bright pops of colour and crafted shapes and patterns spoke to the natural environment whilst pushing a modern and playful element to the brand.

These shapes and patterns extend into an open and playful visual style. One which speaks to the actual product textures and forms as to the fun-natured people who run the business. The use of bold complimentary colours, allowed for a strong visual appeal across the store and promotional material. 

The use of environmentally sourced craft papers for labels and packaging mixed with the use of cost effective ethical sourced uniforms, have allowed this start-up brand to flourish with a professional outlook beyond a local sweet shop.

We are currently developing an eCommerce website for them as part of our pro-bono development. The site will be hosted on ‘green servers’ and designed to meet best practices for creating responsible websites. We also plan to work as closely as we can on developing responsible packaging methods to align with their own policies for helping the planet.

This is just the start of our journey, and we will continue to work closely with Valley Fudge and offer our assistance as much as we can, making sure the reality of the business aspirations and ethical policies come to full effect.

We needed a fresh new look to stay relevant and diversify our audience. intwo nailed the brief and then some. We can't wait to start applying it across our store and everywhere else.
Fleur Peterson Valley Fudge Kangaroo Valley intwo design agency
Fleur Peterson
Co-owner, Valley Fudge

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